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B12-2000 Lozenges (60c)

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Biotics Research

B12-2000 Lozenges by Biotics Research are especially important for women who are pregnant, or who are wishing to become pregnant, as it contains a high level of folate.

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These little lozenges pack a powerful punch of B12. Each of the 60 lozenges in this package delivers 2,000 mcg of the energy vitamin your body needs to power through your day. Just pop one in your mouth and let it slowly dissolve on your tongue for a quick and easy way to boost your B12 levels. Whether you want an energy boost, better focus, or to support your metabolism, these lozenges deliver a high dose of the vitamin in a delicious, chewable form. No more chasing pills with water or struggling to swallow tablets—these fuss-free lozenges make getting your daily dose of B12 a pleasure, not a chore. Power up your day the easy way with these potent B12 lozenges from Biotics Research.