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Bio-Active Copper Hydrosol

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16 Fl Oz, 8 Fl Oz

Bio-Active Copper Hydrosol 16 Fl Oz is a dietary supplement that provides a bioavailable form of copper, an essential mineral required for various bodily functions.


Sovereign copper Bio-Active Copper Hydrosol includes two forms of copper. By using sovereign copper’s proprietary blend to include both copper i and copper I, it is more bioavailable to the body, eliminating the extra work that must be done to convert it from one state to another. Sovereign copper also presents multi-functional benefits that are important for daily supplementation. Behind its 4-in-1 formulation, sovereign copper aids in supporting the strength of muscle, bone, and connective tissue and the promotion of healthy hair, skin, & nails. Additionally, sovereign copper helps to support cardiovascular health, while helping to boost energy & metabolism. Adults: 1 tablespoon, swish for 30 seconds, then swallow. Children 4 years & older: 2 teaspoons.

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