BioProtect Capsules (90c)

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Biotics Research

BioProtect by Biotics Research supplies a wide spectrum of anti-oxidant nutrients in reasonable amounts to assist in the body’s ability to “quench” free radicals, which can cause biological damage to cells.

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A potent blend of anti-oxidant nutrients, BioProtect was crafted to help your body quench free radicals before they cause cellular damage. Free radicals form from everyday threats like pollution, UV rays and stress, and over time they can lead to premature aging and disease. But BioProtect delivers a wide spectrum of anti-oxidants in just the right amounts to help neutralize free radicals and support your body’s natural defenses. It’s an innovative formula designed to help you stay protected from the inside out so you can feel your youthful best. With BioProtect’s potent nutrient blend on your side, you can take on your day with confidence knowing your cells have the backup they need.