BPC-157 PURE – Body Protection Compound Capsules (60c)

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Integrative Peptides

BPC-157 PURE – Body Protection Compound by Integrative Peptides’ first product, each bottle contains 60 immediate-release capsules of 500mcg of Body Protection Compound. BPC-157 PURE Immediate Release is designed to be quickly absorbed.


Get ready to heal faster and stronger with BPC-157 PURE from Integrative Peptides. This powerful blend of 60 capsules helps to repair damaged tissue at the cellular level, speeding recovery from injuries and ailments. BPC-157 works by stimulating the production of proteins that promote cell regeneration and tissue growth. So whether you’re an athlete looking to bounce back quickly from a pulled muscle or someone dealing with chronic inflammation, BPC-157 can provide the body protection you need. Simply take one capsule daily and let this body compound go to work healing your gut, tendons, ligaments, joints and skin from the inside out. The results speak for themselves – less pain, more mobility and an active lifestyle restored, thanks to the restorative powers of BPC-157. Start healing faster today with this cutting-edge formulation from Integrative Peptides.