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Calcium D-Glucarate Capsules (90c)

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Thorne Research

Calcium D-Glucarate (CDG) by Thorne Research has been shown to promote liver detoxification by enhancing the metabolism of hormones and environmental toxins. It also helps maintain normal cholesterol levels

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Forget weak supplements that leach calcium from your bones. Douglas Labs’ calcium microcrystalline hydroxyapatite delivers real bone-building power. This mineral blend mimics the natural form of calcium found in your skeleton, making it easy for your body to absorb and use. Each capsule supplies calcium and other minerals in ratios that mimic the composition of healthy bone tissue, supporting bone mineral density and strength. So if your bones could use an upgrade, these capsules could be just what the doctor ordered. They provide the genuine bone-nourishing calcium your skeleton has been missing, helping support bone and joint health from the inside out. The result? Stronger, denser bones that help you stay active for years to come.