Echo Clean Device



Synergy Science

Echo Clean by Synergy Science is a powerful, non-toxic alternative to traditional chemical-filled cleaners that allows you to clean and disinfect your entire home without worrying about your family or pets being exposed to toxic chemicals or fumes.


Tired of toxic, chemical-laden cleaners that leave residues and fumes? Meet Echo Clean, a powerful non-toxic alternative that lets you deep clean your entire home without worrying about exposing your family or pets to harsh chemicals. Using innovative technology, this handy device creates ultrasonic vibrations that lift away dirt and debris at a microscopic level, while also killing 99. % of bacteria and viruses. Just spray it on any surface and let Echo Clean go to work – it’s that simple. No harsh fumes, no residues left behind. Echo Clean is the safe and sustainable way to keep your floors, counters, appliances, and more sparkling clean and germ-free. Say goodbye to chemical cleaners and hello to a healthier home – Echo Clean makes it easy. It allows you to clean and disinfect your entire home without worrying about toxic chemicals or fumes that can bother your family or pets. Simply spray Echo Clean’s water-based formula onto any surface and watch as it breaks down dirt and grime through mechanical vibration rather than harsh chemicals. No harmful residue is left behind. If you’re looking for a safer and more eco-friendly way to keep your home fresh and germ-free, Echo Clean is the simple solution.