Echo Go+ Device



Synergy Science

Echo Go+ by Synergy Science is a portable Li-Ion battery operated hydrogen water maker is the highest performing portable hydrogen water maker available. It dissolves 2.5-4.5ppm of H2 in minutes with distilled water. You do need to use pre-filtered water. With the food grade polycarbonate plastic you can be assured that you will not have BPA’s in the water. There is a 5 minute and 10 minute cycle available with a digital timer to let you know when it will be ready to drink. Now you can have hydrogen on the go with your Echo Go+


The Synergy Science Echo Go+ uses a lithium-ion battery to ionize water on the go, producing hydrogen-rich water claimed to have health benefits. Simply fill the included bottle with water, press a button and wait a few minutes for fresh hydrogen water. An ideal companion for active lifestyles, the portable Echo Go+ lets you create your own hydrogen water anytime, anywhere. Its compact design fits easily into a gym bag, purse or backpack so you can stay hydrated with hydrogen-infused water while traveling, exercising or running errands. Make the most of every moment with refreshing, energizing hydrogen water from this clever little device that packs big benefits into its small size.

A portable and efficient way to enjoy hydrogen infused water anytime, anywhere, the Echo Go+ hydrogen water maker makes it effortless to produce fresh, clean water on the go. Simply add tap or bottle water, press the button and within minutes you’ll have hydrogen-enhanced water that stays fresh-tasting longer. Perfect for keeping hydrated during traveling, sports activities or camping trips, the Echo Go+ lets you sip on water that’s infused with beneficial hydrogen molecules, without having to lug heavy water bottles around all day.