Echo H2 Pitcher Device



Synergy Science

Echo H2 Pitcher by Synergy Science, this portable hydration solution gives you Antioxidant Water within minutes!


This portable pitcher promises to quench your thirst with antioxidant-rich water anytime, anywhere. The lightweight Echo H2 from Synergy Science uses patented technology to infuse your drink with beneficial nutrients, so you can stay hydrated in style. Simply fill the BPA-free Tritan blend pitcher with tap or filtered water, then watch as it transforms into “super water” brimming with free radical-fighting compounds. An internal filter traps contaminants as it pumps oxygen into the liquid, while the airtight spout prevents evaporation, so you get all the benefits and none of the waste. Slip this sleek hydration solution into your gym bag, carry-on or work tote, and enjoy refreshing antioxidant water whenever and wherever you need a healthy boost.