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Healthmate Plus Black – Austin Air Systems



Austin Air

Healthmate Plus Black is Austin Air’s top-of-the-line, medical-grade air purifier. Gone are the days of breathing in dust, dander, mold and other pollutants – this machine works hard to clear the air in even the mustiest of rooms.


The Healthmate Plus Black from Austin Air transforms any room into a healthier space. This powerful air purifier uses a true HEPA filter to trap 99. 7% of airborne particles as small as 0. microns, like dust, pollen, mold spores and pet dander. The activated carbon filter helps remove smoke, fumes and odors so you breathe easier. Four fan speeds provide custom airflow while the clean air delivery rate of up to 350 cubic feet per minute works for rooms up to 500 square feet. With a carbon filter lifespan of up to 6 months and HEPA filter up to a year, low maintenance means you focus on what matters. So say goodbye to irritants and allergens and hello to pure, healthy air with the Healthmate Plus Black air purifier from Austin Air.