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Doctors Studio

LIPO-MIC by Doctors Studio is an incredible, natural compound of high-dose, high-quality B12, combined with three potent, safe & effective lipotropics – methionine, inositol & choline. This proprietary blend, exclusive to the Doctors Studio is free from artificial sweeteners, includes energy & immunity boosting guarana and velvet antler extract, & acts to supercharge fat loss, energy, health & immunity.

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What are lipotropic? Simply put, they occur naturally in your body, & act to vastly accelerate lipid (fat) metabolism, working particularly effective when combined with a healthy diet & exercise routine. Methionine, inositol, and choline have powerful synergistic effects meaning that their individual benefits are amplified when taken together. When combined with the fat loss benefits of B12, Lipo-Mic offers an excellent choice for dieters & fitness enthusiasts when it comes to energy & fat metabolism. Specifically, methionine, a branched-chain amino acid, plays a valuable role in fat loss, immunity, heavy metal chelation, more effective energy metabolism, better insulin resistance & neurotransmitter release. Inositol plays a vital role in many cellular functions, including accelerated fat metabolism, cell migration, far loss, improved serum lipid profiles & insulin sensitivity, with studies reporting a successful relationship between taking inositol and reduction of BMI. Choline, an essential nutrient vital to the liver, muscles & brain, plays a central role in breaking down fat for energy, accelerating fat loss, & regulating leptin (the hunger hormone). Lipo-Mic contains 30 servings.