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Proflora 4R Capsules (30c)

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Biocidin Botanicals

Proflora 4R by Biocidin Botanicals combines three probiotic microorganisms with three botanicals to give you one potent solution for comprehensive restoration in your gut.

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Proflora 4R contains a potent blend of probiotics and prebiotics to support a healthy gastrointestinal and immune system. The 30 capsules provide a concentrated source of four strains of beneficial bacteria to help balance and repopulate your digestive tract. As you age, the diversity of microorganisms in your gut can decline, making it harder for your body to extract nutrients from food and fight off unhealthy bacteria and toxins. Proflora 4R helps replenish “good” bacteria to aid in digestion, boost absorption of nutrients from food, strengthen your immune defenses and promote overall wellness from within. The convenient capsule form makes it easy to incorporate this probiotic supplement into your daily routine to help maintain a balanced microbiome and proper GI function for enhanced vitality and quality of life.