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Refillable Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit (Bottle + 2 Refills)



Truly Free Home

Refillable Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit (Bottle + 2 Refills) by Truly Free Home keeps your family safe from the harmful toxic chemicals in bathroom cleaners, and upgrade to non-toxic & family safe Truly Free Bathroom Cleaner today!


Say goodbye to toxic chemical cleaners forever with this refillable non-toxic bathroom cleaner starter kit. Made by Truly Free Home, this set includes a reusable spray bottle and two refills of a plant-based, chemical-free bathroom cleaner concentrate that uses essential oils and plant extracts to cut through grime. Simply add water to the concentrate and spray away. The formula is safe for your little ones, pets and the environment, yet it still delivers on cleaning power thanks to a blend of natural surfactants and chelating agents. With this kit, you can skip the harsh fumes and questionable ingredients of traditional cleaners for a healthier, more eco-friendly way to keep your bathroom surfaces sparkling. Start living truly free from toxic cleaners – grab this starter kit today.