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Rejuvaderm PLUS Kit

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Studio Skin

Rejuvaderm by Studio Skin recognizes the crucial role our skin plays beyond aesthetics—it shields against bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants. As our body’s largest organ, it continuously defends against environmental stressors. Over time, it may show wrinkles, lines, and damage. Rejuvaderm PLUS utilizes anti-aging breakthroughs, rejuvenating skin for a healthy, youthful glow.

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Derma Carrier, one of the most powerful constitutive parts of the Rejuvaderm™ PLUS Kit, contains a complementary blend of emu, jojoba, and lavender oils. Together, they function as synergistic carrier agents, deeply saturating and moisturizing every layer of your skin. By deeply penetrating your skin, Derma Carrier ingredients directly regenerate the skin, enabling longer-term results than many other quick-fix Creams that only temporarily mask the unwanted effects of skin damage. This emu-jojoba-lavender blend powerfully enables antioxidative repair, remoisturizing the skin, boosting collagen, & replenishing moisture that has been stripped away by chemicals & other pollutants. Lavender oil specifically functions as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, helping your skin to become more resistant to all forms of oxidative stress.

The benefits of Derma Carrier are significantly amplified when combined with the natural power of Rejuvaderm™, also included in the Rejuvaderm™ PLUS kit. Rejuvaderm™, a natural, effective, proprietary blend of stem cell and growth factor concentrate, derived from velvet antler, is only available via Doctors Studio. It powerfully increases the expression of growth factors such as IGF-1, transforming growth factor-beta, and epidermal growth factor to powerfully stimulate the repair of damaged skin.

As Rejuvaderm PLUS™ offers a natural alternative to many existing synthetic skin care products, it offers significant benefits and superior results, while avoiding the common & unwanted side effects of many of its synthetic alternatives (e.g., irritation, rashes, redness & breakouts).

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