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Sleep Tight Spray (1 fl oz)

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DaVinci Laboratories

Sleep Tight Spray by DaVinci Laboratories is supplementing with melatonin can help your child have a healthy night’s rest. Safe, convenient, and great tasting, DaVinci Laboratories’ sleep tight is perfect for kids who have trouble calming down at bedtime. It can help kids fall asleep more quickly, and it can help them sleep longer.

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DaVinci Laboratories Sleep Tight Spray delivers 1 fl oz of heavenly relief for restless nights. This cleverly crafted spray uses a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients to calm and soothe, helping you drift into dreamland with ease. Simply mist this stylish spray onto your pillow, blankets and sheets before bed for an instant escape to slumber land. The light, fresh scent summons soothing images of soft grass and open fields as it works its magic, leaving you with a sense of cozy stillness that readies your mind and body for sweet dreams. So say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to much needed rest, thanks to this little bottle of dreamy bliss. Just one spritz of Sleep Tight Spray and you’ll be snoozing peacefully in no time.