Love a vitamin packed smoothie to set you up for each day? Us too!

We know that a lot of our clients are already super well informed when it comes to health and wellness supplements. So what can we teach you when you’re already so clued up? That’s the $46 billion question!

The $46 Billion Question

These days, the health and wellness supplement market is worth an amazing $46 billion! But surprisingly, it’s not given away all of its secrets just yet!

In 2022, the tide has begun to turn away from ubiquitous, one-size-fits-all supplements to a far more sophisticated and elegant solution. In fact, many of our Doctors Studio clients have approached us directly with the exact same feedback.

And we get it. We are all different, with varying nutrient-based needs. A menopausal woman might need a multi mineral with a high dose of magnesium to aid her in dealing with bouts of insomnia and mood swings. A younger male might need zinc to help improve fertility while his soon-to-be-pregnant wife would need to dose up on folic acid but hold back on larger doses of vitamins A, C an E. And their grandma? She might need a far higher dose of calcium on a regular basis to safeguard her bones and joints.

The point is, you know – and we know – that a one-size-fits-all solution no longer cuts it.


Time to Get Personal!

That’s why we listened to what you asked for. And that’s when we got personal!

We went ahead and developed a product that we are genuinely really proud of. Our medically-developed Personalized Supplement Protocol is a supplement designed to be as truly as unique as you! It’s our way of taking supplement protocols, immune support, and general wellness to the next level. You can expect:

  • minerals and vitamins that target your specific nutrient deficiencies
  • probiotics that reflect your unique gut microbiome
  • amino acids and omega oils if your nutrient profile requires it
  • a blend of the exact nutrients that your body needs to safeguard great physical and mental health


A Focus on Immunity

We’ve never heard more patient interest in immunity than we have done over the last couple of years. And we’re not surprised. So we’ve made sure that we retained a focus on immune support throughout the developmental phase of our Personalized Supplement Protocol. As around 80% of our immune system resides in the gut, we always need to make sure that our gut microbiome remains in great balance. And that’s why our personalized supplements always take probiotic and microbial factors into account.

If you’re ready to take your supplements to the next level and really invest in your health, reach out today. We’re always here to help!