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What sets us apart from the others?

Never leave the comfort of your own home.

Medication guaranteed-customized dosing

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Post appointment support provided.

Emergency kit of ivermectin dispensed.

How it Works?


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Why Secure Your Wellness?

Secure your wellness specialist

Secure Your Wellness Telehealth Programs are a series of physician-guided remote telehealth programs that combine science, technology, expertise, and passion for the best results, both short and long term.

All too often, modern medicine prescribes a symptom-focused approach that does little more than “manage” the problem. You deserve long-term and “authentic solutions” that support your wellness, performance, and longevity goals and not simply the management of your symptoms.

“At Secure Your Wellness, fully understanding the problem in order to deliver a consistent and reliable solution is a core value and the reason why our clients find success.” ~ Dr. Lisbeth Roy

The Secure Your Wellness Programs start with a thorough investigation of the root cause of the problem, utilizing advanced  remote testing and diagnostics solutions.

With an understanding of the problem, a customized solution is methodically deployed, combining lifestyle, hormones, peptides, professional supplements, and functional foods, with procedures utilizing PRP, Shockwave, Lasers, Ozone, UBI, IV Nutrients, and many other synergistic technologies. with expert guidance.