Bright Lights, Big City


Live in a city? You’re at greater risk1 of mental health problems – because of pollution levels. Worse, if you’re healthy and fit already, your body may be more sensitive2 to pollutants than your more unfit friends and colleagues! Read on to find out more – including how we can help you fight back!

Pollution Vs. Your Health!

man carrying his son looking at smoke from an enfrastracture

In the fight between pollution levels and your health, its seems like pollution is currently winning! Happily, Doctors Studio can help you fight back. But before we get to that, lets find out a little more about pollution risk and how it might affect you.

A recent study of 13,000 people in London, England performed by Kings College found that just a small increase in exposure to nitrogen dioxide (caused principally by car fumes) led to a 32% increase in outpatient and an 18% increase in hospitalized care. In fact, these risks affected anyone exposed to a 15µg/m³ or higher levels of air pollution. For context, NYC can reach levels as toxic as 41 µg/m³, with major cities like Chicago recording 28.8 µg/m³ and Columbus, Ohio reaching 27.6 µg/m³!

To add to the issues. recent research3 has shown that even small increases in air pollution can increase depression and anxiety4. And it means our young people are also more likely to suffer from5 mental disorders. Pollution has even been found to impact intelligence6!

Every Organ in the Body

What we know is that air pollution has the ability to damage every organ7 in our bodies. Heart and lung disease, diabetes, liver problems, bladder cancer, brittle bones and damaged skin have all been linked to pollutant levels. We also know that fertility issues, birth problems and childhood illnesses can all be elevated when the air that we breathe is toxic.

But why can air pollution cause such extensive damage? Well, the ultra fine pollutant particles that we breathe in enter our bloodstream directly. From there, that blood is pumped around our entire body. When those ultra fine pollutants enter our organs, that’s when damage can occur. It’s why the World Health Organization recently declared air pollution a ‘public health emergency8”. And we can see why!

A Greater Covid-19 Mortality Risk

Recent research9 performed by Harvard Medical School also shows a direct relationship between high pollution and high Covid-19 mortality rates. In all, there are around 70, 000 academic research papers out there attesting to the negative affect of pollution on our heath.

It’s clearly time to take action!

Reclaim Your Health Today

It’s time to secure your wellness and reclaim your health!

Happily, we can help you do exactly that! First, we recommend checking out your city air quality score  here. Then if you need to, invest in some powerful immunity boosters!

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