Could Omicron Really End your Erections?


Here’s a crazy idea. Omicron poses one hell of a risk to your penis. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an NFL quarterback, an Olympic athlete, or an office manager. The risk1 is still the same.

Take a Wild Ride

Here’s the deal. If you want to keep enjoying wild rides between the sheets, then you’ll need to take a wild ride through the Covid-19 sexual performance data first. It’s the only way to protect yourself!

Here’s what you need to know.

#1. Covid-19 Hangs Around the Penis

Yes, you really did just read that.

The CDC considers the penis to be a ‘perfect transmission zone’ for viruses and bacteria because it is an ‘immunologically privileged site’2. That means that viruses can often remain undetected in your penis, long after your immune system has successfully kicked it out from every other part of your body. The result? Potential long-term penile damage and dysfunction.

Recent research3 confirms this exact fact, reporting that Covid-19 virus particles can remain in the penis for extended periods. And scientists now know4 that widespread endothelial cell dysfunction in the body caused by Covid-19 constitutes a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

But why are endothelial cells so important for your erections?

Simply put, they enable the efficient transportation of oxygen and nutrients to every single organ in your body (including the penis). They also facilitate the transportation of waste products (such as carbon dioxide) out of your body, preventing a build-up of toxicity and inflammation. Unfortunately, Covid-19 directly targets endothelial cells5 which can lead to disrupted blood flow to every single organ, including the penis.


#2. Your Penis Can Predict the Future

Yes, really!

Okay, so we’re not saying that your penis can tell you the sports scores for this weekend, or which lotto numbers to pick (sorry!), but it is 6 clinically recognized as a reliable future predictor of heart disease. A predictor that might just save your life.

Here’s why.

Endothelial cell damage caused by Covid-19 can cause hyper-inflammation of blood vessels and rapidly prevent arteries and veins from pumping oxygenated around your body. If the heart is starved of oxygen, it can quickly lead to a myocardial infarction (more commonly known as a heart attack). Other conditions, such as atherosclerosis and high blood pressure, can also cause heart attacks – but whatever the cause, there are often no warning signs.

No signs, that is, except for sudden problems in your sex life.

And that’s because erections require healthy blood flow. So the moment there’s an issue with your blood circulation, your penis cannot get engorged with blood – and bam – you start striking out in the bedroom.

That’s why you need to seek help as soon as your bedroom performance has taken a hit. It might just save your life!

#3. There is Now Such a Thing As ‘Covid Penis’

Up to 30% of the 42 million7 or so Americans who have contracted Covid-19 will become Covid ‘long-haulers’. Of those, many will experience sexual performance issues.

Why? Well, a recent study8 of Covid and impotence reported that Covid-19 could still be present in the testes and in penile tissue up to 8 months after contracting the virus itself, making Covid-penis a potentially long-term issue.

Pain in the testes is now recognized as an emerging long-hauler Covid symptom9 in men, while testicular pain and erectile dysfunction are now also both officially recognized as Covid-19 symptoms10.

Covid-penis: yet another symptom to add to the growing Covid hit list.


Covid-19 Truly Hits Below the Belt

So now you know. Covid-19 truly knows how to hit below the belt. It can remain undetected in penile tissue for months, with Covid-penis a bona fide, clinically-recognized symptom of Covid.

 But there is good news.

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