Covid-19: Why You Need to Go With Your Gut!


Sometimes, you’ve just got to go with your gut.

Smiling at the cute guy in Starbucks or not walking down that dark path at dusk might have felt like small, inconsequential decisions at the moments that you made them. But those instinctive moments may have carried the power to alter the direction of your entire life.

Famous entrepreneurs and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs are all famed for following their gut instinct, with hugely profitable results. But did you know that there’s another equally powerful way to go with your gut?

It’s a biological approach based on the 80-20 rule – that up to 80% of your immune cells1 reside in your gut. And the healthier your gut, the less likely you are to contract Covid-192, or to suffer more serious symptoms if you do contract it!

Read on to discover the science behind the story!


The Coal That Powers the Engine

When it comes to immunity, a balanced gut microbiome truly lies at the heart of this story. That’s exactly why a new3 research study confirms that the health of the gut plays a vital role in reducing the severity of Covid-19 symptoms.

We know that we’re already facing one of the worst flu seasons4 in modern history, and with the new Omicron Covid-19 variant also emerging, we need to take every opportunity we can to fight back. That means making the most one of the most powerful weapons that nature has gifted us! What exactly is that gift?

A fired-up immune system.

And the coal that fires that engine?

Your gut.


Covid-19 and Gut Health

Here’s an amazing fact. Up to 80% 5 of your immune cells reside in your gut. Your gut is filled with bacteria, but without a healthy balance of ‘good’ bacteria, those immune cells can’t function effectively. For example, some of your immune cells spend their entire existence excreting huge quantities of antibodies into your gut. Those antibodies could be hugely useful in a healthy gut, but in an unhealthy one? Their benefits diminish significantly 6.

That could lead to frequent colds, flu, fatigue, inflammation7, and even Covid-19.

A healthy diet is a perfect way to power up your good bacteria levels. That means flooding your body8 with vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients daily. It also requires you to maintain a diet low in sugar, fat, coffee, and alcohol, and always stay adequately hydrated. Sleeping well is also necessary, and you need to avoid stress wherever you can!

We’ve Always Got Your Back!

Well, heck, we’ve just all enjoyed Thanksgiving and indulged in everything! And c’mon, we all know that sometimes, it’s good for the soul to indulge a little.

So if you’re panicking while reading this, thinking about all the pumpkin pie you ate last week, don’t!

We’ve got your back.

Our philosophy is that life is to be lived, and sometimes, we all just need a little help with our nutrition and health. Stress isn’t going away any time soon, we all have a lot to juggle, and sometimes we just need that pumpkin spice latte and a muffin to cheer us up.


That’s why we created our amazing gut microbiome support range. We can offer you:

  • Premium, exclusive, physician-grade probiotics and customized, plant-based supplements designed to clear out the bad bacteria, restoring a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut
  • Complete Detox and Lean body plans that maximize gut health & immunity
  • Medically-developed gut health checks

The relationship between the severity of symptoms of Covid-19 and your gut microbiome is now scientifically proven9. So if you know that your microbiome is out of whack for any reason –maybe a stressful job, digestive issues, or long-term antibiotic use – now is the time to invest in a probiotic and microbiome boost!

Immunity is Everything

Deciding to invest in a great probiotic might feel, today, like one of a million tiny, inconsequential decisions that you’ll make in your lifetime. But in the time of Covid-19, it might be a tiny decision that carries with it truly ground-shaking ripple effects.

The reality is that a truly healthy gut microbiome not only leads to glowing skin, great immunity, fabulous energy, and bouncy hair but also to lower vulnerability to Covid-19! So if you’d like to hear more about the science behind Covid-19 and gut health10, or how we can help you improve the health of your gut, reach out today. We’re always here to help!