Discover the True Power of IV Nutrient Therapy!


The holidays are approaching fast – and it’s time to treat yourself!

To help bring a little extra Thanksgiving sparkle into your life, we thought it might be a perfect time to give a little thanks of our own. So today we’re giving thanks for one of our all-time favorite treatments – IV Nutrient Therapy! Read on to discover the secret that super star athletes, models and actors all already know – and make this holiday season the most festive on record!

IV Nutrients: The Truth Behind the Trend


We love sharing our power-packed, energy-infusing, happy hormone-peaking IV nutrient therapies with our clients. Why? Because we know that it works! Medical studies make clear that IV Nutrient therapy isn’t just a trend – its a great, effective means of boosting health and immunity.  It enables us to safely and effectively deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream intravenously (direct into your veins) with a simple, fast procedure that can be fit into a lunch hour. Even better, there’s no recovery time! You’ll leave our offices feeling as if you are walking on air – and ready to continue your day!

And when we say we love IV Nutrient Therapy? We’re in good company! Celebrities like Madonna, Brad Pitt and Jane Fonda often use IV nutrient therapies to achieve a truly Hollywood glam glow, while supermodels like Kaia Gerber1 reportedly use it as part of their Fashion Week prep. Sports stars love it, too – a reported 75% of NFL teams use pre-game IV Nutrient Therapy regularly2 to achieve truly Super Bowl worthy levels of power and performance! And you can use it too – to super charge your performance at work, or to simply feel more energetic and happy in every part of your life.

Why Not Just Take Vitamins?

As medics, we know that IV Nutrient Therapy is a great choice! But why not just take vitamin tablets? After all, we recommend those, too!

It’s a great question. The first reason is that an IV drip maximizes the absorption of nutrients more effectively than any pill. It enables nutrients to bypass the stomach entirely, meaning no part of the nutrients get broken down. And it enables a far more rapid delivery of those nutrients into the parts of the body that need them most. Ultimately, an IV allows your veins to receive a direct hit of pure, unadulterated, undiluted nutrient power – fast.

And boy, does that feel good!

The second reason? We can tailor the contents of an IV specifically to suit you in a way that we simply cannot achieve with oral supplements. Maybe you’re a weekend warrior prepping for your first triathlon, and you need a pure hit of pre-event hydration, electrolytes and amino acids to power up your performance. Maybe you’re a little older, and worried about catching viruses and bacteria. In your case, a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin D and B 12 blend will powerfully boost the white blood cells that you need to super charge your immunity. Crappy hangover before a major meeting? Consider an electrolyte and B12 infusion to get you back on track before the boss arrives later in the afternoon – and he’ll be none the wiser!

In short, we can tailor an IV Nutrient Therapy to your unique requirements. Which means amazing results!

Distilling the Power of Nature


IV Nutrient Therapy allows us to truly distill the power of nature. Delivering vitamins C and D and zinc to the heart of your immune system can help you fight a virus head on. Dehydration can be dealt a killer blow with the rapid effects of an electrolyte infused IV. Poor sleep? A magnesium and calcium infused IV might be exactly what you need. Flu? We can create a special IV nutrient blend to help you press the fast-forward button on recovery.

Distilling the power of nature using IV Nutrient Therapy ultimately means delivering the exact nutrients you need, when you need them. That’s real power!

Imagine a Hit of Sunshine

We particularly love delivering IV nutrient therapy in the winter. That’s because we get way less Vitamin D in the colder months when there’s little sunlight on our skin. Sub optimal Vitamin D levels can leave us feeling ill, tired and miserable, because it is vital for immunity and emotional well being – and it can even help keep Covid-19 at bay!3  So if you tend to feel flat over the cold, winter months, consider a pure hit of sunshine in your veins today with our enlivening, immunity-boosting IV Nutrient Therapy!

Discover the Power of IV Nutrients Today

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