GET PUMPED to Fight Back Against Erectile Dysfunction!


Worried about your bedroom performance? Here’s how to deliver a winning 1-2 knockout punch combination to end erectile dysfunction (ED) –  and exactly why our hard-hitting Penis Pump and Balance TRT products should be at the top of every man’s wish list this Christmas!

A Hard-Hitting Combination

Our state-of-the-art, discrete, and effective Penis Pump delivers the best of at-home sexual performance technology, while the unrivaled bio-identical hormonal support provided by our Balance TRT supplement will max out testosterone and growth hormone levels.

Read on to find out why they’d be the perfect gift for you – or the man in your life – this Christmas!


Get Pumped for Amazing Results

When it comes to great sex, you need to make sure that the blood flow to your penis is powerful enough to maintain a great erection. That’s where our penis pump delivers such great results. It directly stimulates blood flow, enhancing immediate erectile strength. And the more you use it, the better you can expect long-term improvements in penile functionality to be.

The Penis Pump is straightforward and intuitive to use. It has been designed for you to enjoy in the comfort and luxury of your own home, offering true satisfaction at any time of night or day.

With a sleek, white, and transparent design, a digital reader helps you to feel in complete control every time that you use it. Small enough to fit into a clothes drawer or carry-on bag, it is super convenient to store at home or to take on vacation.


Balance Your Scorecard with Balance TRT

But if you truly want to kick your sexual satisfaction up a gear, then you need to kick your sex hormones into a higher gear, too. And that’s exactly the purpose of Balance TRT.

Doctors Studio Balance TRT offers unrivaled bioidentical hormonal support. It maximizes your natural testosterone and growth hormone levels, powerfully stimulating your libido for enhanced orgasmic intensity.

The combined might of power of mucuna pruriens extract, lyceum berries, and (athlete and bodybuilder-favorite) Tribulus in Balance TRT creates a scientifically-proven boost to dopamine and testosterone levels. Velvet antler extract offers similarly stimulating testosterone boosting properties, while stinging nettle and organic aloe carry powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Either product will enhance sexual satisfaction. But the combination? Get ready for true pleasure!

Fight Back Against Stress

2021 has been a historically stressful year for American men1. And when it comes to stress, erectile issues2 are a depressingly common symptom. It’s certainly why we prioritized both products as part of our Christmas Store selection this year.


Your Health Depends on Great Sex

As medics, we need to caution that you should never -and we repeat, never – deny yourself the gift of great sex.


Because science confirms the fact that orgasms function as an amazing natural (and very pleasurable!) protective mechanism for our health. For example, medical studies demonstrate a powerful link between frequency of orgasms and improvements in mental health and anxiety levels3.

Regular orgasms have been scientifically proven to majorly boost levels of Immunoglobin A (IgA)4, an antigen that is clinically proven to lower your exposure to Covid-19 (alongside other bugs and viruses like the cold and flu).

And orgasms are also scientifically proven to improve sleep5 quality, increasing oxytocin and prolactin levels to promote higher-quality REM sleep.

If you orgasm most days? You’ll have significantly lowered your risk of prostate cancer.6

Orgasms even provide a powerful workout7 for the brain, offering a great route to improving cognitive health. All in all – they are a part of life that we should never live without.

The takeaway? Great orgasms really are great medicine!

couple holding hands in bed

Deliver the Knockout Blow to Erectile Dysfunction this Christmas

As a medical practice, we know the value of a great sex life. Not only because every man deserves the pleasure of a fulfilling sex life, but because we know that regular orgasms cans seriously boost your health, happiness, and immunity.

So don’t delay – give yourself or someone you love the gift of our Penis Pump and Balance TRT supplement today!

Interested in finding out more about any aspect of ED? Reach out – we’re always here to help!