Home Run or Strike Out? How Covid-19 Can Destroy Your Bedroom Performance


After a lifetime of hitting home runs between the sheets, Joe* suddenly noticed a pattern of striking out in the bedroom. He’d never needed to question his love life before because it had always been awesome. At first, he shrugged it off. But it happened again. And again. Panicking, he pressured himself to make the next romantic evening with his girl really count. Great food, fine wine, candles. Nothing worked. Another strikeout. Then another. Until he just stopped trying.

One day, Joe decided he had experienced enough misery and disappointment. He went to see his doctor. And what he learned surprised the hell out of him.

The reason for his sudden impotence? Covid-19.

Covid-19 and Your Sex Life

Here’s a crazy fact. Up to 30% of the 42 million or so Americans who have contracted Covid-19 will be Covid ‘long-haulers’ – individuals who experience long-term symptoms of the virus that can be seriously debilitating. The symptoms experienced by Covid long-haulers can vary tremendously, simply because of the multi-organ nature of the virus; Covid-19 damages the endothelial lining of blood vessels that carry blood to every part of the body, which means that its damage can affect any major organ. That might manifest as long-term cardiovascular issues (heart), breathing, fatigue, and breathlessness (lungs), cognitive issues (brain), or the ability to sustain an erection (the penis).

You’re More Than A Statistic

Joe could have been a long-term statistic – just a small part of that 30% of long-haulers whose life had been irreparably changed by Covid-19. But we saw the person behind the statistic. After being prescribed antivirals, undergoing a full-on health overhaul, and investing in immunity-boosting supplements, he fought back against Covid-19. And won.

Now he’s back to scoring home runs in the bedroom and enjoying life, with strikeouts a distant memory. He’s never been happier. And nor has his girlfriend.

When You Stop Hitting Home Runs


The pain in Joe’s testes – an emerging symptom of long hauler Covid – is no longer bothering him. Now, he’s easily able to achieve and sustain a hard erection again.

Both of these symptoms are recognized, long-term effects of the Covid-19 virus. In fact, around 11% of men hospitalized with Covid-19 also experience testicle pain (alongside other symptoms). Both are major hurdles to bedroom performance. Yet this fact is still not commonly known.

Worryingly, the link between Covid-19 and long-hauler erectile dysfunction has started to emerge across all age groups – from a young, fit male demographic, to their more senior counterparts. Why?

Here’s Why Covid-19 Can Harm Your Sex Life

Well, we know that Covid-19 causes damage to endothelial cells. Endothelial cells line all of the blood vessels in our body. We also know that an erection depends on the blood vessels in the penis efficiently opening and contracting at the right moments.

When endothelial cells are damaged, as they so often can be when Covid-19 hits, blood vessels simply cannot do their job. That means that blood flow to and from the penis can no longer be effectively controlled. The result?

A flaccid penis, failure to maintain an erection, and multiple strikeouts between the sheets. It doesn’t matter if you enjoyed an incredible sex life up until the day that you contracted Covid-19. It also doesn’t matter how old you are. If you’ve contracted Covid-19 in the past. You’re still at risk of this happening to you.

A Perfect Transmission Zone

We also know that the testicles are considered by the CDC to be a ‘perfect transmission zone’ for viruses and bacteria. This means that they are an ‘immunologically privileged site’ where viruses often remain undetected, long after our immune systems have successfully cleared out the virus from every single other part of the body. This leaves the penis exposed to the threat of ongoing localized tissue or structural damage. And that’s something we’d need to reverse and repair as fast as we can.

A recent study of Covid and impotence demonstrated exactly this phenomenon; that Covid-19 can still be present in the testes and in penile tissue up to 8 months after contracting the virus.

Here’s How to Protect Your Batting Average

So how do you protect your batting average and stop long-hauler Covid from destroying your bedroom performance?


#1. You could be six times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction (either short or long term) after contracting Covid-19, even if you are asymptomatic. So if you experience sudden erectile problems, don’t hold back from seeking help. Regardless of the underlying cause, leaving erectile issues untreated could cause irreparable damage. It could also be indicative of a far more serious issue (e.g., heart disease). That’s a warning sign that you can’t afford to ignore!

When it comes down to it, there’s never a reason to suffer in silence. If your bedroom performance takes a dive, there’s no shame in heading out to seek help as soon as you can.

Invest in Your Health

#2. Consider investing in health supplements, antivirals, and immunity boosters. Read up on the link between exercise, sleep & diet. And invest in the kind of super-charged immunity that makes you less likely to contract viruses (such as Covid-19).

#3. When you seek out medical help for Covid-19 (or for any other health issue), it is imperative that you choose to work with a qualified practice that is run by experienced medical professionals. Antivirals, immunity medication, and any other supplements or therapies should only be prescribed by a recognized medical practice – like ours.


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