Immunity Boosters: How to Fight Covid-19 & Feel Awesome


At Secure Your Wellness, we love to help our clients optimize their immunity. In fact, it’s often been our go-to strategy – even in the days before Covid-19 hit – to powerfully & quickly fight a whole range of health setbacks (e.g., fatigue, insomnia, or digestive issues). That’s because compromised immunity usually leads to compromised health, and the onset of a whole host of unpleasant side effects that can drain the happiness, energy & enjoyment of life right out of you. In the era of Covid-19, we’re even more focused on it, because a lowered immunity can mean greater vulnerability to all illnesses, viruses, bacteria & pathogens – including Covid-19.

Here’s exactly why we love to prioritize boosting immunity for our patients, with some of our top tips for how you can boost yours, too!

Powered Up Immunity = Powered Up Happiness

Firstly, we know that a powerful positive correlation exists between happiness, health, and immunity, with stronger immunity also playing a role in positively affecting our emotional & mental health, our cognitive function, our anxiety levels, our weight loss goals, and even our ability to enjoy an awesome nights’ sleep!

Secondly, we want everyone to feel empowered to live life on their terms and not be held back by illness – which means feeling great, fighting anything life throws at you with energy to spare, batting away viruses, bacteria & infections, and continuing to enjoy the adventures and challenges of each new day.

Third, for us, health is not simply the absence of disease, but the optimization of health. The stronger your immunity, the better your health & happiness. And in the era of Covid-19, that means being less vulnerable to all viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

The good news? You can make major inroads into super-charging your immunity using over-the-counter supplements and positive lifestyle choices right now! Here are our top tips.

Get More Zzz’s

Handsome young man sleeping in bed at home

A great nights’ sleep offers an amazing way to boost immunity. If you feel like sleep is eluding you, you might like to follow the recommendations of the US National Sleep Foundation and try magnesium, calcium & zinc supplement before turning in. All three of these minerals can really help relax the body and promote falling asleep quicker with less waking during the night, leaving you more relaxed, better rested & healthier.

What if I’m not getting enough sleep?

If you aren’t sleeping well, you need to try to prioritize sleep hygiene – no tablets or phones in the bedroom, for example, stretching, meditation, or a relaxing activity (e.g., reading) before bed, & a regular, not-too-late bedtime.

Why? Because studies show that you’ll find it a lot harder to fight off infections and viruses (including Covid-19, potentially) if your sleep is compromised, as disrupted & insufficient sleep correlates with lower immunity and higher stress hormones (i.e., cortisol).

Eat Well & Exercise

Exercise is one of the greatest immunity boosters on the planet, so if you make the great choice to exercise, you’re making an amazing choice for your health.

If you choose to exercise outside, studies show that those stress-busting, immunity-boosting effects are amplified even further!  We know that being outdoors can directly boost the immune system and also mitigate the risk of catching coronavirus, so strapping on the sneakers and heading outside to hike, swim or pound the pavement is a real win-win!

A great diet is a healthy diet, with lots of whole foods, fruits, lean protein (think fish and white meat, with red meat around once a week), good fats, as few processed foods as possible, nuts, vegetables, lots of water and a limit on salt, sugar, takeout, and alcohol.


A well-balanced diet, &/or a great multivitamin and multi-mineral, and probiotic supplements, are awesome ways of getting the nutrients that you need (up to 80% of our immune system resides in our gut) & super-charging your immunity. Your hair, skin & waistline will thank you for it, too!

Chill Out

In today’s world, it’s hard to chill out when you have a boss who needs a report written work yesterday and/or a couple of kids at home climbing the walls in the summer holidays. But it’s critical that you do – as stress is a major contributor to impaired immunity.

A cool fact that you can work with is that our brains benefit from more dopamine (the so-called ‘happy hormone’ that down-regulates stress hormones like cortisol) whenever we simply anticipate something nice. Here’s how you can make use of it.

If you work in just a little self-care every evening (e.g., a movie, a hot bath, a meet-up with friends), those little dopamine hits will help you feel more chill throughout the day, as you will have something nice to look forward to. The same goes for weekend plans or a photo of a place you’ve booked for a vacation on your desk. Every time you think of those enjoyable plans, let the anticipation soak in, feel the happy hormones rise, be safe in the knowledge that stress hormones will fall, and immunity-boosting effects can blossom.


Vitamin D: The Ultimate Chill Pill

Saving the best for last, our last, ultimate tip to boost immunity is to invest in the ‘sunshine vitamin’, also known as the ultimate chill pill, Vitamin D (fun fact: Vitamin D is a hormone, not a vitamin!).

While the sun offers the best Vitamin D supplement around, most of us majorly struggle with getting enough of it (in fact, over 40% of all Americans are thought to be vitamin D deficient!). Our bodies cannot manufacture it, it is tough to get enough from our diets, yet it is vital to effective physiological function (including immunity against respiratory diseases such as Covid-19).

Doctors Studio D3K2 Vitamin Suppliment

That’s why, these days, healthcare providers tend to recommend a Vitamin D supplement (in fact, even Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s leading immunologist, takes one every day!). It’s also why we’ve created a high-quality Vitamin D supplement as part of our exclusive Secure Your Wellness range, alongside Ivermectin & other awesome health & immunity boosting products designed to get you into the best health of your life. Priced at only $35.97, D3K2 delivers high-quality Vitamin D alongside K2, fat-soluble vitamins, and peppermint, and organic olive oil, a blend designed to optimize nutrient delivery and absorption, improve immunity, improve bone strength, fight inflammation & support heart health.

Want to find out more about how to safeguard your health and boost your immunity to feel great and protect yourself against Covid-19? Contact Secure Your Wellness today!