Foundational Immune Support


What Can We do to Support Immune Function and Prevent Viral Infections?

Prevention of viruses mainly focuses on providing the body with a means of recognizing the pathogenic virus so that the immune system can ultimately react in a manner to disrupt viral spread. Vaccines are introduced into the body as a ‘practice run’ so that cellular receptors can effectively recognize and react to the presence of the viruses by inducing the immune system.

Unlike bacterial pathogens, viruses cannot be killed by antimicrobials, and antibiotics are often incorrectly prescribed to address the viral infection. Most viral infections do not require specific anti-viral drugs and are resolved by the body’s immune system.

However, some anti-viral treatments may provide supportive functions by reducing the severity of symptoms or by suppressing viral recurrence.

Viral transmission may depend on the relationship between the characteristics of potential hosts, a host’s environment, and the pathogen itself. Pathogens may spread to new locations as a result of travel, migration, or trade, particularly with the global ability of rapid air travel and increasing population density.

Furthermore, approximately 80% of human viral infections proliferate in animals and arthropods, which increases the risk of transmission following contact with vulnerable human populations.

Practicing good hygiene is an effective way to reduce viral transmission.

Boost Your Natural Defenses To Secure Your Wellness

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Viruses are particles that exploit the RNA and DNA of other cellular life forms in order to proliferate and survive. The introduction of viruses to a host promotes viral propagation by altering the host’s normal genomic and metabolic state.

Viral invasion can lead to a variety of outcomes, ranging in severity. An infection may be acute, mild, and quickly resolved by the host’s immune system (e.g., the common cold), or the infection may be severe, even fatal, and lead to chronic disease

After a viral invasion, your body’s innate and adaptive immune systems respond to the virus’s presence. A variety of cellular receptors are used to recognize when a pathogen has invaded or created byproducts that are potentially harmful to the body. This ultimately leads to the upregulation of immune, pro-inflammatory, and other products that attempt to remove or interfere with viral replication.

Lifestyle Recommendations

1. Start an Exercise Routine

Regular mild-to-moderate exercise has been shown to support overall health as well as a healthy immune system. Extreme exercises, however, have been shown to have a suppressive effect on the immune system.

2. Minimize Alcohol Consumption

Try to abstain from alcohol and avoid drinking more than 2 drinks on any given day. Alcohol is known to cause inflammation and suppress the immune system.

3. Sleep is Key

The immune system is very active when we are asleep. Ensure proper sleep hygiene with a cool, dark room. Also, consider powering down electronics about 45 minutes before sleep as these can worsen sleep quality.

4. Address Stress

Stress is directly linked with immune suppression. Increase ways to focus on relaxation in your life. Consider a meditation app or yoga class. Lower stress leads to increased energy for the things you want to do.

5. Increase Hydration

Be sure to stay hydrated with pure filtered water and not sugar-sweetened beverages. Healthy hydration is an important requirement for the body to keep it from becoming weakened and thus susceptible to disease.

Dietary Recommendations

1. Avoid Too Much Sugar
Too much sugar can increase inflammation and can hinder the immune system’s ability to fight infection when in excess.

2. Eat More Garlic and Onions
Garlic and onions are part of the group of plants called “alliums.” These spicy plants are high in phytochemicals that support the immune system and are antimicrobial in their own right.

3. Increase Fruits and Vegetables with Color
A varied diet of some fruits and mostly vegetables provides a plethora of key nutrients and vitamins to support the immune system and overall wellness.

4. Cook with Herbs and Spices
Rosemary, ginger, turmeric, coriander, parsley, and thyme all provide supportive phytochemicals that encourage robust health.

5. Indulge in Fermented Foods
Fermented foods support a healthy gut flora, which in turn has immune-supportive benefits.

Secure Your Wellness with an Optimized Supplement Plan

The immune system is complex but using botanicals that stimulate an immune response can help you feel better faster. Supporting the healthy bacteria in your gut is also a powerful tool for your immune system. The use of immunoglobulins can reduce the burden on the immune system and Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for proper immune function. 

1. Ortho Biotic 10
This high-CFU, hypoallergenic blend of 12 certified probiotic species offers the most complete spectrum of microorganisms in the Klaire line. Ther-Biotic® Complete is a unique combination of colonizing and transient strains providing broad coverage to support a healthy balance of microbiota across the entire gastrointestinal tract.† Scientifically formulated with a full spectrum of synergistic and complementary species, Ther-Biotic® Complete is designed for individuals who require significantly higher amounts of several different types of probiotic species to help support intestinal health.† Formulated with 25 billion CFUs per capsule, Ther-Biotic® Complete uses our proprietary InTactic® technology to ensure maximum delivery of live microorganisms throughout the intestinal tract.†

Dosage: As a dietary supplement take one capsule daily

2. Vitamin D-A-K
Vitamin D-A-K is a synergistic blend of Naturized® highly bioavailable, food-based forms of vitamins D, A, and K. Vitamin D, vitamin K and the carotenoid complex are known for their beneficial pleiotropic influence especially in relation to healthy immune response, cell-cycle functions, and skeletal health. These vitamins also promote a healthy inflammatory response and provide antioxidant activity. Vitamins D and K are found to work synergistically to enhance skeletal health. Regular intake of the carotenoid complex and maintaining optimal serum vitamin D levels correlates with multiple health-protective influences. *
Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily

3. Hypo-Scorbate

Buffered Ascorbic Acid is a vitamin C dietary supplement formulated to lessen gastric irritation that may occur among sensitive individuals when consuming vitamin C.*
Supports gentle absorption of vitamin C*
Helps promote healthy immune and vascular system*
Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients
Convenient powder formula for easy dispensing

Buffered ascorbic acid combines calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, and potassium ascorbate to create a neutral pH vitamin C.

Dosage: Take 1 scoop as needed or as directed by a health professional. May be mixed with water, juice, other liquids, or sprinkled on food.

4. Active B-Complex

Balanced, Hypoallergenic B-Complex. A balanced, hypoallergenic B-complex featuring the active forms of vitamins B2, B6, B12, and Quatrefolic® brand of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate.

Active B-Complex is a balanced, hypoallergenic B-complex formula featuring the active forms of vitamins B2, B6, and B12. It also contains Quatrefolic, the stabilized glucosamine salt of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, a reduced and active form of folic acid. 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) is directly usable by the human body as a methyl donor and as such, supports healthy homocysteine blood levels. *

Dosage: Take 1 or 2 capsules daily.

5. ACS 200 Silver Extra Strength
ACS 200 Extra Strength is recommended by doctors worldwide, it has 200 parts per million (PPM) 99.99% pure silver colloid solution for immune support. ACS 200 Extra Strength provides 200 parts per million of uniquely energized silver molecules suspended in ultra-pure‚ deionized water; providing support for healthy immune and inflammatory responses.

6. ADDED PROTECTION: ACS 200 Silver Gel Extra Strength
The best alternative to alcohol-based sanitizers, ACS 200 Silver Gel is the most powerful silver formulation today with over 500 University and Laboratory studies documenting efficacy. Why is ACS 200 Silver Gel – Extra Strength so effective? It achieves a much greater kill power than other silver brands for many reasons. It supports the health of your skin. *

Instructions: Apply liberally to the skin. Cover the skin as desired with a thin layer 1 to 3 times daily. Do not rinse off.

Bottom Line

Viruses are particles that require a host in order to proliferate and survive. Viral infections may be asymptomatic but can lead to mild symptoms and conditions, or more severe and chronic conditions, including death.

Securing Your Wellness with a healthier lifestyle can effectively reduce the risk of viral spread and infection but maintaining a strong immune system to ensure appropriate immune responses to viral infections occur is critical.

There are several best practices that can be used to support immune function, including several immune-boosting foods and supplements that may be used for their anti-viral properties.

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