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A-BAB Drops (30ml)

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Byron White

Byron White A-BAB is a tincture blend featuring 7 powerful herbs. Specifically chosen to support overall body health, it’s effective on its own or synergistically with other tinctures. Particularly potent against Babesia infections, impacting the brain and autonomic nervous system, this antibacterial formula aids in restoring natural health balance.

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Crafted from high-quality materials in a stylish design, the A-bab bottle provides all the benefits of a traditional bottle with added portability. Simply fill it with formula or breast milk, screw on the nipple and you’re ready to nourish your baby whenever hunger strikes—whether you’re running errands, taking a stroll or traveling abroad. The spill-proof lid means no more leaks in your diaper bag, while the silicone nipple promotes healthy development of your infant’s gums, teeth and jaw. So grab the A-bab by Byron White, slip it in your pocket and hit the road while keeping your little one fed and happy.

Simply dab a drop or two on your pulse points and escape into an olfactory oasis no matter where you are. Leave your oversized bottle at home and refresh anytime, anywhere with this travel-sized perfume that delivers big fragrance in an itty-bitty package.