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A-SF Drops (30ml)

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Byron White

A-SF by Byron White is a dietary supplement, its a potent herbal remedy offers health benefits galore in just a single drop. The 900 servings per bottle mean you’ll get over two years worth of daily use from this concentrated herbal tincture.

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One drop packs a powerful punch. The A-SF herbal blend from Byron White combines traditional herbs and plants known for supporting immune health and wellness. Astragalus, momordica, and honeysuckle flower provide antioxidant benefits while artemisia, stillingia root, and isatis flower help maintain healthy inflammation response. Cinnamon bark, echinacea, and sage leaf team up with other powerful herbs in this proprietary herbal blend to help you feel your energetic best. Just one drop of this concentrated formula delivers the beneficial compounds of over 900 herbal servings, supporting your body’s natural defenses in an easy-to-take, concentrated form.