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Chelated Zinc Capsules (60c)

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Chelated Zinc by Inwell Zinc is fundamental to the activity of over 100 enzymes and supports immune function, protein synthesis, tissue growth, DNA synthesis and cell division.

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Inwell’s chelated zinc capsules deliver essential zinc your body can easily absorb. Zinc plays a vital role in over 300 biochemical reactions that keep your immune system strong, wounds heal quickly and your metabolism running efficiently. But regular zinc supplements often pass through your digestive system without being utilized. Inwell’s chelated zinc uses amino acid chelation to ensure over 40% of the zinc in each capsule is absorbed, versus less than 15% for other forms. Each of the 60 easy-to-swallow capsules provides 15 mg of zinc bis-glycinate, a stable chelated form that is gentle on your stomach. So you get the zinc your body needs to support normal growth and development, maintain your sense of taste and smell, and produce proteins and DNA.