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Copacalm Liquids (2.02 fl oz)

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Ortho Molecular

CopaCalm by Ortho Molecular is formulated to address daily stress and provide a state of relaxed focus without drowsiness.

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Copacalm from Ortho Molecular promises to calm your worries and soothe your soul. This 2. 2 fl oz bottle contains a blend of natural ingredients designed to help you find your zen and stay stress-free. Simply take the recommended dosage and let the herbal blend go to work, releasing tension in your body as it lifts your spirits. Though we don’t know the exact composition, we do know that Copacalm uses an innovative formula of plant extracts and essential oils to promote feelings of peace and tranquility. So next time life’s pressures start to mount and your nerves feel frayed, reach for this clever little bottle. A few drops is all it takes to put the calm back in your world and help you reclaim your inner balance.