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DNA 360 Test Kit



DNA Company

DNA 360 Test by DNA Company, is a simple sample of your saliva, we are able to extract the DNA information we need to provide you with a customized DNA 360 REPORT.


Uncover the mystery of your DNA with the DNA 360 Test from DNA Company. This comprehensive 1 Kit test provides insights into your ancestry, genetic traits, health risks, and more. Simply swab the inside of your cheek, mail in your sample, and in just weeks, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself at a genetic level. Discover your ancestral origins across 2000+ geographic regions and see how the movements of history shaped your DNA. Learn how your genes may influence characteristics like taste and smell preferences, eye color, hair texture, and more. Identify potential health risks for over 200 health conditions so you can be proactive with lifestyle changes and medical screenings. Your DNA holds the key to truly knowing yourself – unlock that knowledge with this in-depth DNA test.