Herbal Calming Blend Capsules (120c)

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Inwell’s Herbal Calming Blend capsules are here to relieve stress the natural way. The 120 capsule count provides over a month’s supply of herbal supplements designed to promote feelings of relaxation. Simply take 1 to 2 capsules daily for a subtle but noticeable effect. With ingredients like passionflower and hops extract, these herbal supplements help balance mood without drowsiness, perfect for easing into a stress-free evening. Stock up on these 120 capsules to have a natural stress remedy at your fingertips whenever needed.

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This calming blend from Inwell is your ticket to tranquility. The 120-capsule herbal formula helps ease anxious feelings and promote relaxation through a soothing botanical blend. While full details about the exact ingredients are left a bit hazy, you can trust this supplement will deliver a sense of calm and balance using a time-tested herbal combination. Just pop a couple capsules and let the stress melt away as this herbal blend goes to work relieving tension and restoring your inner peace. Whether you need a little help unwinding after a hectic day or could use an herbal ally to combat occasional feelings of unease, this calming supplement promises a more serene you—one capsule at a time.