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Hydrogen Peroxide (food grade) (473 ml)



Heritage Store

Hydrogen Peroxide by Heritage Store is a workhorse when it comes to household cleaning chores. This 473 ml bottle provides a powerful yet pleasantly mild solution to tackle a variety of stains and messes. Hydrogen peroxide may be a simple chemical compound, but it does wonders for disinfecting countertops, sinks, tile floors and more. Just spray it on, let it bubble away, then wipe clean for a fresh, sanitized surface throughout your home.


This 473 ml bottle of hydrogen peroxide from Heritage Store packs a powerful punch in a small package. The clear, colorless liquid has been used for generations as a disinfectant, bleach, and oxidizing agent. Its ability to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi while being gentle enough for topical use makes it a versatile staple for the modern home. Whether you’re sanitizing minor cuts and scrapes, whitening teeth, cleaning surfaces, or treating acne, this 3% hydrogen peroxide can help. Just be sure to wear gloves and avoid contact with eyes. The no-frills packaging and unassuming appearance belie the powerful bleaching and antiseptic properties within. For a humble product you likely already have in your cabinet, hydrogen peroxide offers a host of benefits for your health and hygiene needs.