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Lifestyle Optimization Program w/ Lumen




Lifestyle Optimization Program w/ Lumen integrates cutting-edge wearable technology with personalized coaching over a 12-week period. This program empowers individuals to make lifestyle adjustments, enhancing metabolic efficiency and overall health. Coaches utilize your metabolic and lifestyle data to guide you in achieving specific health goals, including weight management, increased energy, and improved mood and focus.


Level up your lifestyle with the Lumen Optimization Program and device. This 12-week program pairs personalized 1:1 coaching with advanced metabolic tracking technology to optimize your health. Your dedicated coach will monitor your metabolic and lifestyle data from the Lumen device to identify areas for improvement, then guide strategic interventions for a high-functioning metabolism. The three-phase program starts by gathering your baseline data and nutritional awareness, then implements actionable steps based on your data markers like fasting, exercise, sleep and stress. Partnering with a coach ensures accountability and support throughout your journey, helping you create sustainable lifestyle modifications that boost cardiometabolic health, weight management, energy and focus. By the end of the program, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to maintain an optimized lifestyle for the long term.