Studio D3K2

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Doctors Studio

This powerful blend of Vitamins D3 and K2 is only available at Doctors Studio. Also containing a powerful proprietary HydroCell Delivery System blend of organic aloe vera, goji berry & shilajit alongside an impressive 4, 833 IU vitamin D3, D3K2 provides 270 energy-packed servings.

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D3 plays a vital role in immunity, with recent studies linking D3 to lowered vulnerability to Covid-19. D3 enhances immunity, plays a vital role in bone & heart health, provides significant anti-inflammatory benefits, and remains vital in restoring or supporting a positive emotional balance. The benefits of D3 are vastly amplified when taken with Vitamin K2, exactly why we have harnessed their powerfully synergistic benefits in our Doctors Studio D3K2 supplement.

Our proprietary HydroCell™Delivery System enhances the delivery of D3 and K2 within your body, with organic aloe vera providing powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits alongside improved skin & digestion. Goji berry also powers healthy skin & immunity, alongside better sleep, lowered anxiety & improved mood while Shilajit similarly benefits immunity, and acts as an effective anti-inflammatory & antioxidant.