Transfer Factor PlasMyc Capsules (60c)

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Researched Nutritionals

Targeted Immune Support for Fatigue by Researched Nutritionals provides the physician with a targeted formula developed to support the body’s immune system.

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Transfer Factor PlasMyc from Researched Nutritionals is a cutting-edge blend of mushroom extracts designed to support immune health and cell function. Each capsule contains a potent mix of beta glucans and other compounds from medicinal mushrooms like shiitake, reishi and maitake that have been shown in studies to activate immune cells, promote cell communication and fight free radicals. By helping maintain healthy immune cell numbers and function, this mushroom blend may assist the body’s natural defenses against occasional challenges. If your immune system could use an extra boost to handle the daily grind, these 60 capsules offer an easy, natural way to supplement your diet with the beneficial properties of medicinal mushrooms – supporting healthy cell metabolism, immune responses and overall wellbeing.