Should I Take Ivermectin?


A debate appears to be raging between the FDA, governments, doctors & scientists regarding a drug called Ivermectin. Until recently Ivermectin was almost unheard of by the public, although it received approval (as a treatment for parasitic infections & skin conditions) by the FDA many years ago. The raging debate now seems to focus on whether Ivermectin can be repurposed as an effective treatment for Covid-19.

Confused as to whether you should use it? We’re not surprised! With so many different stories and stats flying around, we’d be confused too, if we weren’t doctors ourselves. Here’s the real story!

First, the FDA isn’t really railing against Ivermectin and never has done. The truth is that the FDA has already approved Ivermectin for other uses but cannot recommend it as a treatment for Covid-19 until FDA protocols to which all drugs are subject – observing the results of longer-term clinical trials – has been completed. In the FDA’s own words, ‘Data from clinical trials are necessary for us to determine whether ivermectin is safe and effective in treating or preventing COVID-19.’ This is why the FDA cleared Ivermectin for use in clinical trials in 2021! We’re excited to see the results of those clinical trials when they are finally ready.

Second, there is lots of evidence that already supports the efficacy of Covid-19 in shorter trials. A recent systematic review of 18 studies published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, for example, pointed to repeated, large magnitude improvements in Covid-19-related clinical improvements, large reductions in transmission, and tight, reproducible decreases in Covid-19 cases and fatality rates in regions where Ivermectin was widely distributed without charge.

For us, the early stats stack up. Ivermectin is a great choice to boost immunity – regardless of whether you choose to vaccinate or not vaccinate. And while we wait for the results of those long-term clinical trials, we developed our own Ivermectin product. Why? Because at the Secure Your Wellness, we focus on preventative medicine, and we believe that a super-charged immune system is our greatest ally when it comes to fighting Covid-19!

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