IgG 1,150 mg Capsules (120c)

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Igg (immunoglobulin g) is a type of antibody that plays a crucial role in immune function

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Vita d emulsion is a concentrated, highly bioavailable liquid vitamin D formulation offering a broad range of dosage and titration possibilities. Unlike most other liquid vitamin D products available, Vita d emulsion is a convenient, pleasant-tasting, and easily mixable formula. A natural emulsion technology allows for the production of 2, 000 iu per drop that quickly and completely dispersed in liquid. This cutting-edge technology provides enhanced bioavailability, utilizing only naturally derived ingredients that are free of preservatives and synthetic surfactants. Presented in a 1-ounce glass bottle, Vita D emulsion makes dosing vitamin D convenient. It can be dropped into any beverage or simply on the tongue, and it provides accurate dosing one drop at a time.

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