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RENEW gel plus (30 mL)

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Studio Skin

The sophisticated RENEW Gel Plus by Studio Skin offers a powerful sustained-release microsponge delivery system that reduces irritation and offers powerful rejuvenative effects for the skin.

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RENEW Gel Plus offers an incredible rejuvenating option for the skin. Completely propylene & paraben-free, RENEW Gel Plus benefits from a unique microsponge delivery system that maximizes its emollient effects, while simultaneously minimizing irritation. Microsponge technology is scientifically proven to reduce irritation, improve stability of the ingredients provided in skincare products, and elegantly deliver results while enhancing the delivery of the emollient effects to the skin.

Provided in a handy, handbag-sized amber glass dropper bottle, RENEW Gel Plus offers an elegant & effective addition to any skincare regime. Simply apply every other evening for optimized results.

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