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studio C CLEANSE (170 g)

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Studio Skin

Allow your skin to truly breathe with Studio C Cleanse by Studio Skin, a gentle, sensitive yet highly effective cleanser that is gentle on the skin but strong on results. Enjoy the sensation of a luxuriant, soothing lather against your skin as Studio C Cleanse allows the natural radiance of your skin to triumphantly shine through.

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Studio C Cleanse provides a rich, soothing cleansing experience for all skin types, including sensitive skin and temporarily delicate skin that has recently undergone more advanced skin treatments & procedures. Simply apply to wet skin, working into a luxurious lather to achieve clean, clear, radiant & glowing skin, feeling the antioxidant properties of Studio C Cleanse working to rejuvenate and cleanse. Studio C Cleanse comes in a compact, sleek white 6 Fl oz pump container that will complement any bathroom cabinet.

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