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studio EYES (15 g)

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Studio Skin

One of the newest additions to our Doctors Studio proprietary skincare range, we are proud to launch Studio Eyes by Studio Skin, a truly high-potency, yet gentle, a combination of high-quality ingredients that are clinically proven to enhance the appearance of the delicate, sensitive skin around your eye area.

Enjoy the plumping, firming & rejuvenating effects of this powerful antioxidant vitamin cocktail and advanced barrier technology to uncover that naturally youthful twinkle in your eye once again!

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This powerful triple-action renewing complex restores, rejuvenates & refreshes the delicate skin around the eyes, blending antioxidants with advanced barrier technology to harness the power of the skin’s own restorative, healing properties.

Reducing the appearance of dry skin, puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines, this gentle, yet highly effective skincare product will free the twinkle to return to your eyes once again, letting your natural beauty shine through.

Simply apply sparingly to the area around your eyes before bed, and enjoy the luxurious, soothing feeling of Studio Eyes working with your skin so that you can wake up looking restored and refreshed, with your radiant, youthful glow restored.

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