Superbeets Memory + Focus 30 Chews (30c)

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Superbeets memory + focus chews are often used by individuals looking to improve their cognitive performance, enhance mental clarity, and support brain health, .

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Superbeets memory & focus is the only food-based, daily chew formula of its kind containing clinically studied, fermented resveratrol to promote brain blood flow and support overall cognitive health, combined with a patented coffee fruit extract, clinically shown to support memory, mental alertness, and help reduce perceptions of mental fatigue. Decaffeinated, non-gmo, and vegan, superbeets memory & focus chews are available in a natural pomegranate flavor that makes supporting brain health, both great-tasting and convenient. Related health categories antioxidant brain & nervous system label information directions as a dietary supplement, take one (1) chew daily. Intended for adult consumption only any claims presented are made by the manufacturer and not by wholescripts or the parent company.

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