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Gut+ Capsules (30c)

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Introducing Gut: a comprehensive prebiotic and postbiotic butyrate for total gut health.

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Introducing Gut: a cutting edge prebiotic postbiotic butyrate for total gut health.

Gut combines cutting-edge prebiotics postbiotics to balance your microbiome and nourish your gut, no extra bacteria (probiotics) necessary. Designed to be your all-in-one gut health solution.

Specially formulated to:

Promote total gut health without added bacteria
Encourage a healthy gut ecosystem that sustains itself
Close tight junctions in the gut lining, preventing leaky gut
Reduce unwanted bacteria in the gut while maintaining growth for good bacteria
Fuel the microbiome and gut cells (colonocytes) to support gut barrier function
Support immune function, metabolism, blood sugar balance, cognition and mood
Protect your wallet by providing full-spectrum gut support in one capsule per day
Probiotics alone won’t protect your gut. And to be honest, we’re a little skeptical of their benefits long term.

You need a tag team of two powerful biotics for your unique microbiome.

Most prebiotics are fiber or starch-based. Gut contains a next-generation prebiotic solution: PreforPro, a powerful prebiotic bacteriophage clinically proven to reduce unwanted bacteria in the gut. This gives your microbiome the opportunity to regulate itself without unnecessary added bacteria (probiotics).

It’s a smaller dose — you only need 15 mg a day. It’s fast-working — in hours, not days. No uncomfortable side effects like gas or bloating. And, most importantly, Preforpro positively influences the microbial population of the gut.

Gut+ is also made with the triglyceride form of butyrate — tributyrin — aka a postbiotic, the end product of a balanced gut. Tributyrin has three distinct advantages:

It does not smell.
It does not need to be enterically coated – it is a time-released version of butyrate that does more even when you take less.
Once in the colon it easily delivers systemic effects, like better brain function, energy, immunity, blood sugar regulation, mood stability, and more.
It all boils down to this: Gut gives your gut the right fuel it needs with the right therapeutics it needs for a healthier, happier you.

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