Turmeric Chews Orange Citrus (30c)

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Turmeric chews orange citrus are a dietary supplement in a chewable form that provides the benefits of turmeric

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Joint health support and a healthy inflammatory response associated with physical activity natural orange citrus flavored soft chews featuring clinically studied turmipure gold turmeric extract shown to deliver 24x greater absorption than standard turmeric extracts without requiring the addition of black pepper extract. Each soft chew provides 300mg of turmipure gold turmeric extract to support a healthy inflammatory response associated physical activity and joint health. Humann turmeric chews are naturally flavored, gluten free and non- gmo. Related health categories antioxidant brain & nervous system cardiovascular joints & muscles liver support label information directions as a dietary supplement, take one (1) chew daily. Intended for adult consumption only any claims presented are made by the manufacturer and not by wholescripts or the parent company.

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